J Moore

Title : Scene From the terrace of the great Dagon Pogoda at Rangoon looking towards the north 
Size : 31×40 cm
Medium : Aquatint
Code : JM01

Title :  View of the lake & Eastern road from Rangoon
Size : 29×38 cm
Medium :Aquatint
Code : JM02

Title : Scene upon the eastern road from Rangoon looking towards the south
Size : 32×41 cm
Medium : Aquatint
Code : JM03

Title :  The storming of the Lefser Stockade at Kemmendine near Rangoon 
Size : 31×41 cm
Medium : Aquatint
Code : JM04

Title : Scene from the Upper Terrace of the great pagoda at Rangoon to the south east
Size : 32×41 cm
Medium :Aquatint
Code : JM05

Title : The Gold Temple of Guadma at Dagon Pagoda Rangoon
Size : 42×30 cm
Medium :Aquatint
Code : JM06